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Complaint management policy



1. Introduction

In order to ensure that the management and investigation of Customer complaints is transparent, efficient and based on standardised rules, DESTRA Korlátolt Felelősségű társaság (registered seat: H-3795 Hangács, Rákóczi út 43.; branch office: H-2040 Budaörs, Szabadság út 117. A. ép. 3. em.; tax number: 10233775-2-05; company registration number: 05-09-022917; bank account number: 10403136-50515757-77541003) has drawn up this Complaint Management Policy, taking the provisions of Act CLV of 1997 on Consumer Protection into account.

2.Purpose of the Policy

The general purpose of the Complaint Management Policy is to ensure the record keeping and evaluation of complaint management and investigation and to continuously improve dispute settlement with a view to increasing Customer satisfaction and our ability to meet our Customers’ needs at a higher standard of quality. DESTRA Kft. seeks to cooperate with its Customers during complaint management, and will act in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws—in particular data protection regulations and the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information—throughout the whole process of complaint management.

3. Scope of the Policy

The scope of application of this Policy covers the procedure for addressing complaints submitted by natural persons, legal persons, unincorporated business associations or other economic entities, either orally or in writing, after the entry into force of this Policy, in connection with the services or service-related activities of DESTRA Kft.

The scope of application of this Policy shall not cover any notifications, suggestions or information requests which pertain to the operation of DESTRA Kft. in general, i.e. which arise outside the scope of a consumer–service provider relationship.

4. Basic Principles

We pay special attention to ensuring that complaint management procedures are conducted quickly and in a fair and professional manner, which includes identifying the causes and reasons of the complaint and providing a remedy as quickly as possible. Our Company aims to respond to any complaints received in a professional, meaningful, detailed, up-to-date and readily comprehensible manner.

5. Definitions

  1. Complaint: any individual request, notification or claim related to the service provider’s activities, services, products or conduct which contains a clear, specific objection or claim by the service provider’s customer in relation thereto. Customers’ requests for general information, opinions or positions do not constitute a complaint.
  2. Customer: refers to the complainant and the consumer collectively.
  3. Consumer: a complainant using the services offered by DESTRA Kft. as service provider, who is a natural person acting for purposes outside his or her individual occupational and economic activities or—for the purposes of the rules pertaining to conciliation boards—a civil organisation, ecclesiastic legal entity, condominium, housing cooperative society or micro, small or medium-sized enterprise, as defined by specific legislation, acting for purposes outside its individual occupational and economic activities.
  4. Agent: the parties may also participate in complaint management procedures via their agents, whose power of attorney will only be considered valid if incorporated in a public document or in a private document providing full evidence.
  5. Service provider (DESTRA Kft.): the company providing services to customers.
  6. Service: an activity performed by the service provider for consideration, including the production of any result, performance or any other conduct with a view to fulfilling the customer’s needs.


1. Submission and Registration of Complaints

1.1. Methods for submitting complaints

1.1.1. Complaints made orally In person

At our branch office: H-2040 Budaörs, Szabadság út 117. A. ép. 3. em.
During business hours:
8:00–17:30 By telephone

During business hours:
at the following phone number:
+36 70-233-2244

1.1.2. Written complaints

Complainants may submit written complaints either themselves or through their agents. The original or—if the complaint is submitted via email—a scanned colour copy of the agent’s power of attorney, incorporated in a public document or in a private document providing full evidence, must be attached to the complaint. By post

To our postal address:

H-2040 Budaörs, Szabadság út 117. A. ép. 3. em. By email

At the following email address:


1.2 Content Requirements for Complaints

When DESTRA Kft. receives a complaint, it will immediately (within 3 workdays) examine whether the complaint meets the content requirements, and if it is incomplete, it will send the complainant a written notice requesting them to supply any missing data within the deadline indicated. After the expiry of the deadline for supplying missing information, we will evaluate the complaint based on the available data and documents. If the data available do not allow for a meaningful evaluation of the complaint, and the complainant fails to supply the missing data by the given deadline, DESTRA Kft. will close the complaint, will record this in a report, and will notify the Customer who made the complaint via their contact details on record.

All complaints must contain the following:

Personal details of the Customer making the complaint and identification data of the contract concerned, including the Customer’s name, residential address, registered seat, postal address, telephone number, possible ways for contacting them, and the contract number.

Data required for identifying the vehicle to which the complaint pertains (type of vehicle, rental duration, contracting party and, if possible, registration plate number of the vehicle), a description of the complaint, its cause, and the complainant’s claim.

Furthermore, Customers must attach copies of any documents in their possession that support the complaint, and a valid power of attorney if they act via agent.

1.3. Investigation of Complaints

A report is drawn up for all complaints.

The report about the complaint contains the following:

  • Customer’s name;
  • Customer’s residential address, registered seat and, if necessary, postal address;
  • date, place and submission method of the complaint;
  • a detailed description of the Customer’s complaint, including separate descriptions of each objection, allowing for a comprehensive investigation of all the objections specified in the Customer’s complaint;
  • number of the contract to which the complaint pertains;
  • a list of documents and other evidence presented by the Customer;
  • if the complaint was submitted in person and cannot be investigated immediately, the signatures of the person drawing up the report and the Customer;
  • place and date of the report.

DESTRA Kft. investigates complaints free of charge. Complaints are investigated in the light of the available data and all relevant circumstances.

1.3.1. Complaints made orally

Wherever possible, DESTRA Kft. will immediately investigate and try to remedy any complaints made orally, including in person and by telephone.

For complaints made by telephone, DESTRA Kft. will ensure call answering and administration within reasonable waiting times. Where an oral complaint is made by telephone, DESTRA Kft. will first of all bring it to the Customer’s attention that the call will be recorded. If the complainant does not consent to a recording being made, the complaint cannot be accepted by telephone. In that case, DESTRA Kft. will ask the complainant to make their complaint in such a way as to allow for accurate registration in order to be able to investigate it, and will inform the complainant of alternative ways of submitting complaints.

For oral complaints made in person, one copy of the report will be handed over to the complainant, and the response to the complaint, including an indication of any additional forms of legal remedy available to the Customer, will be sent to the Customer’s notification address indicated in the complaint or, in the absence thereof, to the address found in DESTRA Kft’s records, within 30 days from the day the complaint was made.

For oral complaints made by telephone, the report, along with the response to the complaint and an indication of any additional forms of legal remedy available to the Customer, will be sent to the Customer’s notification address indicated in the complaint or, in the absence thereof, to the address found in DESTRA Kft’s records, within 30 days from the day the complaint was made.

1.3.2. Written complaints

The minimum content requirements under point 1.2 of this Policy also apply to complaints made in writing. For incomplete complaints, DESTRA Kft. will follow the procedure described in point 1.2 of this Policy. For written complaints, DESTRA Kft. will investigate the complaint, and will then send its written position regarding the complaint, including a statement of reasons and an indication of any additional forms of legal remedy available to the Customer, to the notification address indicated in the complaint or, in the absence thereof, to the address found in DESTRA Kft’s records, within 30 calendar days from the day on which the complaint was made.

1.3.3. Information about possible forms of legal remedy

If DESTRA Kft. has rejected the complaint or the 30-day statutory deadline for investigating and responding to the complaint has passed without result, the Customer may turn to the following bodies and authorities:

  1. Ministry of National Development
    website: http://fogyasztovedelem.kormany.hu/
  2. Customers may also turn to their competent district office, the contact details of which can be found on the following site:
  3. The competent conciliation body at the consumer’s place of residence or place of stay. For more information, see bekeltet.hu or www.bekeltetes.hu.
  4. A court with appropriate competence and jurisdiction.


DESTRA Kft. keeps records of complaints and any measures taken to resolve and remedy them.

These records contain the following:

  1. a description of the complaint and an indication of the event or fact to which the complaint pertains;
  2. date of submission of the complaint;
  3. a description of the measures taken to resolve or remedy the complaint or, if the complaint is rejected, the reasons for rejection;
  4. the deadline for implementing such measures, and the name of the person responsible for their implementation;
  5. the date when the complaint was answered.

Our Company will keep complaints and the answers thereto, as well as any voice recordings of complaints, for five years. Upon request, we will allow Customers to listen to the voice recordings of their complaints, and will provide them with the authenticated minutes of such recordings free of charge.


This Policy is available at our Company’s branch office (H-2040 Budaörs, Szabadság út 117. A. ép. 3. em.) and on our website at www.destra.hu.

We strive to ensure that our services are to our Customers’ full satisfaction and are hopeful that they will not need to make use of the above methods for making complaints.

This policy will enter into force on 16 April 2018.