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Online Payment Information

Destra Kft. offers a secure bank card payment solution provided by K&H Bank. Security is ensured through a separation of data. Destra Kft. only receives data related to its clients’ orders, while K&H Bank only receives the card data required for the payment transactions. Destra Kft. does not learn in any way about data provided on the payment page; such data are only accessible to K&H Bank. After payment, Destra Kft. will send an automatic confirmation about the transaction result.

Bank card payment allows you to make purchases on Destra Kft’s website in a secure and convenient way. After ordering the desired service, you will be redirected to the webpage of K&H Bank, where you can use your bank card to pay via the bank’s state-of-the-art securely encrypted transaction system. You simply have to click ‘payment with bank card’ when selecting a payment method, and then provide your card’s number, expiry date and three-digit security code on K&H Bank’s payment server. K&H Bank accepts VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard, Maestro and JCB.

Bank cards issued for electronic use only will only be accepted if the card issuer has authorised them for such use. Please contact your bank to find out whether your card can be used for purchases via the internet.

K&H Bank will issue an authorisation number for successful transactions, which you should note down or print with the entire page. In case of an unsuccessful transaction, the reason will be displayed in a K&H Bank error message.